Information on the model is below:. The camera fails with the gumwrapper example in Firefox. Cheese says “There was an error playing video from webcam” My behavior is the same as Ramsey Gurley’s who posted earlier in this thread, but wanted to clarify that my webcam is in fact capable of higher resolutions, but I still run into the bug. Post as a guest Name. Cheese and skype don’t work. In Cheese preferences lower image resolution to x

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For me on Similar issues on the new Razer Blade running Arch Linux, so keeping an eye out for any fixes. Install these as follows: Sign kbuntu or log in Sign up using Google. Linux Mint 17 Qiana Release: It has the tick of approval and demonstrated full working order with Linux from the Linux Hardware Guide.

Can I use C170 Logitech Webcam in Ubuntu 14.04

Thanks in advance for everyone’s help. Please confirm this bug by answering all of Christopher’s questions. Also that it behaves a little different here than described by others: I get this problem the first time openig cheese, but not subsequent times 0 jan muizenberg: Penalver, do I need to provide any further information before this bug logitch confirmed?


I have a Razer Blade 14 and it has a x capable webcam. In Cheese preferences lower image resolution to x I have been following this bug for a while now but want to add some information relevant to my system.

I found a work-around. Penalver penalvch wrote on Cheese usually gave me an error: But still does not work on any other place.

Logitech Webcam C

The camera did originally work when I first upgraded from Ubuntu I thought logktech was one of those lucky times and restarted and tried few more times. I purchased just with DOS no operating system pre-installed and started to work with Linux Mint Cinnamon which is a derivative of Ubuntu.

April 16, at 4: Warren Jacques warren-bipco wrote on Can I use a logitech C logitdch on Ubuntu Please let me know if you find anything about it. Same problems with skype too, i. The good news is that this device should be automatically recognised and setup by Ubuntu. I’ve made a new issue since it seems only OP can reply to this one: No upgrade log present probably fresh install.


Archisman Panigrahi, to clarify, did you personally test it and it allowed you to use Cheese? Please don’t close this bug based on OP’s recent post. See full activity log.

I’m getting the same error as everybody else. There were quite some kernel updates over the time without improvement. I bought this web-cam almost 2 years ago and at that time, it worked like a charm on Ubuntu