VIA, everyone’s darling chipset maker, had to delay and delay the KT chipset, and with the AMD being extremely expensive, everything was in place for ALi to enter the market. Gaming Benchmarks and Conclusions. Intel had already moved to Slot 1 and AMD’s roadmap called for a new and exciting processor that utilized what they called “Slot A. The tweaking options are somewhat more limited than the ASUS board resulting from a lack of ability to change core voltage settings. With even lousier boards like the Asus A7A and its many compatibility problems before I get flamed by everyone, yes I have used the A7A beforeā€¦ things certainly didn’t look good for ALi.

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Paired with the Iwill KA, we see a fully integrated motherboard with a just about all the bells and whistles you could expect.

IWill has made quite a name for themselves by catering towards the enthusiast market with a wide lineup of good motherboard solutions.

This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links. However, the absolute biggest iwil with this board is the fact that Iwill calls this a DDR capable board. After all the ‘buzz’ that the industry has been creating about DDR I was expecting to see almost monumental performance results.

Ships with the following: Apart from zudio standard set of audio connectors just below the gameport, the XPR also came with the 6-Channel Audio adaptor – basically a slot cover with jacks for central bass, and rear speakers. The question was; was I setting myself up for a letdown? In fact, the performance of that chipset was on par with the AMD !


The layout of the XPR as can be seen in the above picture as overall very good. Iwill and Acer Labs Inc.

Privacy policy and Terms of Use. It trails in performance behind the AMD based boards, but it is somewhat cheaper too. Gaming Benchmarks and Conclusions. The power filters are all neatly lined up in rows by the ATX power connect and the northbridge has a very snazzy active heatsink on it! Beginners Guides Cases iwi,l Access. Post a Comment Comment. That brings us to where we are today and the board under the spotlight is the XPR is based on that exact same stepping.

Despite the grief caused by the misaligned USB port, the Iwill is a capable and decent board.

Iwill KA – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – ALiMAGiK 1 Overview – CNET

The only real complaint I have about the XPR in terms of layout is the placement of the floppy drive controller. You may unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time. VIA, everyone’s darling chipset maker, had to delay and delay the KT chipset, and with the AMD being extremely expensive, everything was in place for ALi to enter the market.

Real audiophiles will want to invest in a full fledge audio card naturally. The last time ALi Acer Labs Inc was a major player iwiill the chipset market was near on 3 years ago when they released what most likely was the fastest Super Socket 7 chipset, the ALi Aladdin 5.

Still, motherboard manufacturers stayed away from ALi except for Iwill that is.


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Well before I answer that question, a little background info is in order on the Ali chipset the Iwill KA is based upon. Usually when one thinks about on board audio, we think VIA’s AC’97 codec or something close to that in terms of quality. We tested kka266 revision 1.

Would this DDR-based motherboard, sporting an Ali chipset fulfill my preconceived expectations or would it fall short? Since I personally like to use full tower cases, there could arise some problems since the floppy cable may not be quite long enough to stretch that far down the PCB – just think the HX from AOpen. Subscribing to ,a266 newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

So let’s take a look at the board! About Us Employment Privacy Policy. Going back to the drawing board, ALi dramatically improved performance with its B0 based Magik 1.

Iwill KA DDR Motherboard Review –

Stellar On board Audio. IWill has always seemed to take pride in their boards, and equip them with much higher quality sound chipsets, and for this kwill are glad. Many of the problems wound out to be due to a sub-par memory controller, but ALi’s reputation had already been tarnished.