The color screen on the H10 is quite nice. Now we come to the point in our tale where the deal-breakers come out. There is no removable storage space such as a SD slot, etc. We didn’t try every last preset but we tried a whole bunch of them and experienced a ton of distortion with most. Sometimes tracks would just disappear, sometimes they wouldn’t play, and occasionally buttons would do the wrong things, or wouldn’t do any things.

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iriver H10 series

Best power banks What’s not to like about the iRiver H Takes only about 15 minutes to charge, where the ipod takes like 3 hours. Sometimes irier would be an error message about communication with the player having been lost, other times nothing. The color screen on the H10 irover quite nice. Overall this player is easy to use and performs well producing a good sound that coped well with everything we played Crystal Method to Bob Dylan in our tests.

We got hours versus the claimed The most we ever got was about eight hours, with the default backlight settings which leave the screen off most of the time.

Before you return it Packaging should be the same as what is found in a retail store, unless the item is handmade or was packaged by the manufacturer in non-retail packaging, such as an unprinted box or plastic bag. The ‘Astroneer’ universe is set to expand in December. After careful examination of both devices, I have found that the iRiver has little nuisances, that seem very trivial, but they build up the longer you have it. Before we tried out Napster, we did successfully transfer a few MP3 files from our library to the player via Windows Media 10, so the H10 did work well there right out of the box.


Furthermore, there’s no shuffle function, so unless you do manually change the names of your tracks you’re always going to be stuck listening in the same old order.

The charger and the sync cable are on the same dongle 4: Accessories are supremely lame. Overall, if you want a device that has a lot of features and playing capability at a portion of the cost of an iPod on eBay, then you need to pick up the iRiver H10 20GB player. The H10 irover met all my requirements and more.

iRiver H10: Hands-on review

Additional to the slider, the player sports a back, and select button on the front, play and volume control buttons on the side and a hold button on the top. This player comes with an FM Tuner that can be used to record songs right onto the device, a microphone for recording, photo capability, and amazing plug-n-play ease for easy transfer.

Overall, the size is quite nice — comparable to the iPod mini without the rounded edges, and a tiny bit longer. This player also goes for the long hall, lasting 16 hours worth of play.

Its got a ton of features some that I first ruled out but then found quite handy ie: Works with Napster to Go Decent FM tuner, voice recorder irivsr FM recorder. The player works well with both Mac and PCs thanks to the drag and drop and the size means its still small enough to tuck out of the way. Ok so now you ask am I crazy why give up all the good, massive parts and add on’s, ability to customize why???????


To find the magical spot where the photos are supposed to live required a hunt through some message boards. If you are always short on cash like me, the iRiver does just fine in playing your songs.

iriver H10 mp3 player

Play, reverse and fast-forward buttons are broken out onto the right side of the unit, which admittedly took a few attempts to get used to but quite quickly felt not only easy, but nicely ergonomic whilst held irivsr the hand. Battery is fixed rechargeable, if it ever goes dead, you must buy a replacement and install via screw removal, and hh10 dismantlement of unit.

Two major downfalls that I can think of are the lack of accessories for this device and the very touchy vertical scroll wheel. It’s easy to see what the heck you’re doing in both daylight and darkness — much nicer than a monochrome interface. The 5Gb hard drive market is awash with players all vying to be the top dog, so what makes iriver’s H10 stand out from the crowd? USB cable is proprietary and tied in to the AC adapter — you’ll have to cart around both to charge the player.