I know that service through this modem is tricky as I use one myself. Kari April 24, , 7: Internet works fine in both modes ethernet and wireless in mi lap… but xbox live doesnt pass the mtu test. Do you have to have one computer hard wired to the router or can they all be wireless? All my computers are able to connect to the internet. Trnko Darijan December 2, , 4:

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There seems to be a resynchronization problem whenever the modem experiences a little disturbance. Westerling November 19,4: Chris May 9,7: Soemone Jimmy said that the local IP was Steve October 12,8: I can not always get on the internet without having to unplug the power cord or cable.

Webstar Cable Modem Dcp Series Scientific Atlanta | eBay

Zak May 3,5: Hey why does my send and recieve lights keep on dropping? Ross McKillop August 10,4: TJ December 11,3: Jim November 11,2: Deseo configurar el puerto USB de mi modem dpx para poder salir por ahi a Internet pero no encuentro los Drivers para instalarlos alguien tendra por ahi los drivers para configurar el puerto USB del Modem.

Is there a connection issue?


The livebox connects to the net through telephone line RJ11 connector. Internet works fine in both modes ethernet and wireless in mi lap… but xbox live doesnt pass the mtu test. I want to set up a wireless network.

My modem used to be perfect i played live on xbox ad i got internet on my PC but know the cable single turns on and when i click on internet or mozilla firefox the sigle goes away and then i got no internet this has been going on for like a 3 weeks what should i do??

Michele August 10,4: Tolik November 27, Any clues most welcome. Some of them will lock a modem to only work with a specific MAC address, and since your modem was or may have been?

Tengo un modem Scientific Atlanta EPC y quiero desconectar el cable del modem pero cale tuerca no gira y si lo fuerzo gira un poco la pieza en la que se rosca y tengo miedo de romperlo. I called up Xbox and they said I needed to open these ports — This is what they told me 1.

First this is a simple good design for this modem but the quality of completly crap. Por favor si alguien sabe como entrar a la configuracion del modem, que me midem como debo entrar ya he probado con varias IP en el explorer, I have recently installed this type of cable modem. Maybe I need to flash it, is this possible at all?


Sometimes after wakeup the connection is there, sometimes not. The modem is obsolete so they do not manufacture this model anymore so they do not provide cabel for it and it sucks. I just recently got cable internet thru brighthouse, and was provided with a modem just like the one that i have and it is working.

Hey guys im having trouble trying to hook up my xbox live, this modem only has 1 Ehernet portal does the xbox ehernet cabel and the ehernet cabel for the computer have to be plugged it to. Need bit USB cable modem driver for this model type!

Scientific Atlanta (Cisco) – DPCR2 – Refurbished Cable Modem, DOCSIS

Who is your ISP? Siempre anda solo una maquina. Does somebody have a solution?